Forest certification is an international non-profit organization Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest stewardship Council), which aims at confirmation of the prudent, proper management of forest resources in accordance with applicable on the territory of the Republic of Belarus legislation national standards governing the reproduction, conservation and protection of forests, the harvesting of timber. The certification aims to ensure that in the process of forest management activities do not infringe on the rights of the local population.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international non-profit organization that focuses on environmentally responsible forest management, i.e. what would in the process of harvesting the environment was applied to minimum damage, maximum preservation of the biological diversity (habitats of wild animals, birds, mushroom places, berries) and reforestation was conducted on the most modern technologies.


Glhu "Uzda forestry" reiterates its commitment to the Principles and Criteria environmentally and socially responsible and economically profitable forest management. Forest management is balanced, equally considering ecological, economic, and social interests.

Policy glhu "Uzda forestry" in forest certification

Forest certification promotes productivity and sustainability of forest stands, enhance biological diversity in forests, minimizing the negative impacts of forestry on the environment, raising export potential of forest sector, lifting technical barriers in international trade.
In our work we are guided by international Conventions ratified by the Republic of Belarus.
In accordance with the main purpose and the main task of forestry is carried out the following principal activities:
— management of the forest Fund on the territory of the forestry enterprise in the field of use, reproduction, and protection of forests;
— implementation of state programs and projects of forestry development to enhance productivity and improve the qualitative composition of forests; enhancement of their environmental functions, the most complete satisfaction of the industries and the population in all types of forest products;
— creation and cultivation of forests and timely reforestation on felled areas of commercially valuable species;
— protection of forests from fires, illegal felling and other actions that are harmful forest protection from pests and forest diseases;
— conduct business activities in the zones of radioactive contamination in compliance with the requirements established by the legislation and departmental normative acts of the Republic of Belarus;
— monitoring of the radiation situation in all areas of forestry, management of radiation-ecological monitoring, radiation control of manufacture and supply forest products;
— construction and repair and fire towers;
— maintain in the prescribed manner of hunting in the complex of forest, control over observance of rules and terms of hunting;
— execution of works on the harvesting of timber from all types of logging;
— processing of SAP, the conduct of beekeeping;
— production of consumer goods and industrial purpose of the main raw material, waste, logging and sawmill, and other types of forest resources to meet the needs of the national economy and population.
Having the certificate on the system of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), issued by a certification authority, our company will be able to strengthen its position in the domestic and international market, to significantly increase your image and to improve the efficiency and quality of forest management.